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Sacramento, Ca




Self-taught, I became intrigued with the classical guitar many years ago. I practiced until I had a working knowledge of the guitar. Throughout my formidable years, I studied and traveled abroad, spending a significant amount of time in Italy. It was there where I discovered the amazing talents of numerous street musicians who performed amazing music and acts on the streets of Florence. I soon made friends with several of these true artists. 

Taking in the extraordinary talents of these artists, I set upon a path of self-discovery. My goal was to make a job out of traveling and performing my music for special events. Over the past 15 years I have been luck to travel and perform all over California (and beyond). 

My unique and exciting blend of Spanish Flamenco, Latin Rhythms and World Percussion has been a welcomed and refreshing addition to so many events. 

As I continue to grow and explore new sounds and possibilities I hope you get a chance to listen and enjoy this work I love so much!